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Kelp Documentation

Welcome to the Kelp Documentation - here you'll find introductions to all features, as well as examples, guides, and reference documentation.

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What is Kelp?#

Kelp is a low-code visual app-builder. It allows anyone to rapidly design, build and share interactive data-driven apps (data apps). No traditional coding is required.

Kelp uses a visual dataflow programming experience to help you compose applications with components, wires, and widgets really fast and easy.

Visual data-flow in Kelp.

How to make an app with Kelp?#

You can make an app with Kelp in 3 steps:

  1. Connect to the data sources. Connect to thousands of services and data sources via REST, GraphQL, JDBC, or Streaming APIs.
  2. Build the logic and dataflow. Define how logic and data flows through your app by connecting data streams to functional components.
  3. Design the user interface layout. Organize visual components (widgets) on the screen by simply drag and dropping them on the layout.

What can I build with Kelp?#

Kelp provides an easy way to make interactive data-driven apps. Data-driven apps rely on a diverse set of data pulled from different sources, often in real-time. For example you can build a visual dashboard with interactive data, or an interface for business operation, or connect AI and Machine Learning services for real-time recommendations.

Here are just a few examples of various apps and tools you can build with Kelp:

  • Dashboards and data apps for operational analytics.
  • Admin Consoles for monitoring and management.
  • Customer Portals and custom reporting apps.
  • Data quality and assets management tools for data entry, cleansing, standardization, and moving data.
  • Various Internal Tools for operations, HR, finance, inventory, procurement, supply chain, compliance, and others.

What's next?#

We're excited to see what you create and help you every step of the way!

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